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The KaWaTech® product, developed in Austria and tested by the research institute and accredited testing and monitoring body of the Austrian Society for Wood Research, is a film-forming coating that is applied to the dimensionally stable exterior wooden components to be protected.

Wood protection is particularly necessary where wood is exposed to the weather, i.e. outdoors. There are mainly three factors that damage the wood:

  • Sunlight / UV rays

  • humidity

  • temperature fluctuations

Coating with KaWaTech® makes it possible to protect garden fences, flower boxes, balconies, wood cladding, carports and all dimensionally stable wooden exterior components in the long term. The wooden elements are coated with KaWaTech® to prevent water ingress and UV radiation and to minimize the repair work and maintenance costs caused by this. KaWaTech® prevents the entry of moisture into the wooden elements and should moisture nevertheless penetrate into the wooden system, it is dissipated by diffusion. 

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