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The selection of the substrate, the construction and the applied layer thicknesses must correspond to the current technical standards. Joints must be sealed in advance with KaWaTech®Fugenfüller to prevent water from penetrating the surface or subsurface. The surface must be stable, dry and free of dust and grease.


The selection and application of the coating must also be taken into account. Dark-tinted coatings can result in a raised surface on the outsidetemperature (up to 80°C).

Processing must be in a stable temperature range between + 5°C and 45°C.

KaWaTech is stored at temperatures above +5 °C. If containers are not opened, the shelf life is at least 12 months. Be sure to close the container tightly after use. Do not store together with food and feed.

Due to the special composition, a vapor-permeable,

water-repellent, frost- and de-icing salt-resistant and crack-bridging layer. KaWaTech is a completely harmless aqueous dispersion.

Depending on the temperature, the drying time is at least 48 hours. Due to the watery base

a processing temperature of at least 5°C is necessary. Drying times can vary depending on the substrate, temperature, humidity, air exchange and layer thickness.

Dry to the touch: approx. 5 hours


Thoroughly dried and block-free: at least 48 hours

KaWaTech can be used in different versions (both transparent and colored by specialists (painters)) as a final coating of the paint. The surface must be dry, clean, stable, free of separating substances such as grease, wax, silicone, etc. and free of dust.

Before processing, KaWaTech must be stirred well.

Applying KaWaTech by brushing, rolling or spraying creates a continuous, transparent film that protects the treated area from environmental influences, salt damage, algae and dirt.


Depending on the grain size, facade approx. 6 m² per kg

Concrete, sheet metal, glass depending on surface properties approx. 8 m² per kg

Layer thickness:

wet 353g/m²

air dry 212g/m²


Clean airless, rollers and brushes with lukewarm water immediately after use.


The product is delivered ready for processing by brushing/rolling and spraying.

Pay attention to application quantities and drying time.

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